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gwinna in webministers

Introductions Poll

Poll #1398052 Introductions

What kind of Web Designer are You?

My Kingdom's Webminister
My Local Group's Webminister
Webminister for a guild, household or group hobby
Webminister for my self or my hobby
Event Webminister
Professional Webminister
Still Learning

If you would like to share it, what is your website's name and address?

What do you hope to see in this Community in the Future?


Unfortunately I couldn't make it to that one, but if you're interested there are going to be several webminister round tables coming up in Meridies:

Red Tower (Sep 19), MGT (Sep 26), and Fall Crown List (Oct 10). And there's a yahoo group for Meridian Webministers.

I hope to go to a couple of them, but that depends on Selphie's health.

Do you have a website? :)

*giggle* I have several (mostly family history and/or "professional" [Trillium] but my primary SCA-related site is my SCA photos (not an official website) -- http://www.goldsword.com/sfarmer/SCA [the newer stuff is on facebook until I get it moved -- http://facebook.com/susan.b.farmer ...]. I want to hang some other stuff off there for newcomers.

I also maintain the site for the Meridian Embroidery Guild. It's my understanding that that is not an official site either.
It may not be official, but it's still a website for the SCA :) Have you read the new Meridian Webminister's Handbook? You should check it out, there's a lot of good points in it :)
not yet -- but I'm doing it now .....
Let me know if you need any emotional support after reading it ;)

On the bright side, making my shire's website compliant with the new handbook really helped me learn a lot about web accessibility standards, which are rather important, especially considering that the SCA has quite a few members with accessibility issues. :)
It's certainly a lot to take in in one reading! I'm gonna have to study and contemplate for certain!
I made a checklist of all the rules that applied to the shire's website, and that helped a good bit. I was fortunate because I was already making a new website, so I could fairly easily incorporate all the new rules. If you have any questions about any of it, I should be able to point you in the right direction :)
Well, I desperately need to redo the guild site. It's been on my list of things to do for quite some time! It's just a matter of finding the time.